saito - 2023-05-10

I wonder if anyone is interested in seeing some cool applications. If there is enough interest, I can cover the following topics.

You're also welcome to suggest additional topics:

  • Fun with canvas (shapes, objects, etc.)
  • Create a self-updating photo album
  • Scraping websites for data (start with the wiki?)
  • Create your own local file system index and search
  • Analyze data in databases

JM - 2023-05-10 I am interested

saito - 2023-05-11

Thank you. Is late afternoon US EST time ok with you? I can post a zoom or jitsi meeting ID.

JM - 2023-05-11 Yes, that works for me. Thanks

saito - 2023-05-11

Hi, looks like it is just going to be the two of us. Let's start at 5pm EST. Please join with the following link: ...deleted expired link...

JM - 2023-05-11 Thanks a lot for your time, the demo was very interesting and impressive.

saito - 2023-05-11

Thank you - hope you had fun!