DDG 2019-11-12: A snidget widget for a nice buttonbar where buttons have rounded corners, based on old gbuttons code from Steve Landers.

Homepage and Download

Installation as Tcl-module

Put the file with the source code somewhere in a directory like /home/username/tcl/dgw/sbuttonbar-0.5.tm In your code you would now have to write:

 tcl::tm::path add /home/username/tcl
 package require dgw::sbuttonbar


See below for the code of this example:

package require dgw::sbuttonbar
pack [frame .f -bg #fff] -side top -fill x -expand no
pack [dgw::sbuttonbar .f.t -bg #fff] -side top ;# -fill x -expand no
set b0 .f.t
$b0 insert Back  -command [list Cmd 0]
$b0 insert Forward -command [list Cmd 1] -state disabled
$b0 insert Home 
$b0 insert End -command [list puts End]
$b0 itemconfigure End -state disabled
proc Cmd {state} {
    global b0
    tk_messageBox -type ok -message "Cmd"
    if {$state == 0} {
        $b0 itemconfigure Forward -state normal
        $b0 itemconfigure Back -state disabled
    } else {
        $b0 itemconfigure Forward -state disabled
        $b0 itemconfigure Back -state normal

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