digfe - a free GUI front end for the DNS client program DIG


From the homepage:

Digfe is a free, GUI interface or 'front end' for the dig program. Dig is a dns client, distributed with ‘bind’ – the named daemon for Linux / Un*x , NT/2000, VMS, AIX, and just about every other box on the planet.

Digfe is being written in Visual Tcl 1.6.0a1.

SS: Some idea to improve digfe: what about the ability to walk the DNS tree for a given name? That's like the work of a recursion-capable resolver, but with the additional step of showing information to the user.

For example, given www.google.com, Digfe in 'walk' mode should perform the following queries:

 NS for .com (destination: root name servers)
 NS for google.com (destination: previous NS entry requested, that' the NS for .com)
 A for www.google.com (destination: previous NS entry requested)

for every level it should call dig and show in a compact form interesting information from the output. This is very useful for debugging, and for education (it is simpler to undestand how the DNS works this way). In the example I don't show how to handle CNAME, but it is needed for a decent implementation of the walk feature.