The Tclkit DIN-Brief [L1 ] (available at [L2 ]) allows writing a well typeset TeX letter according to DIN 676 without the needs to hack some TeX markup.

  • Numbered or bulleted lines are transformed to an appropriate TeX construction.
  • Tabs are transformed to an appropriate TeX construction.
  • Pure numerical number columns are aligned to decimal sign (period or comma).
  • Sub-subjects are marked with enclosing by "*" or "/" or "_" at line start, e.g. /New./
  • Including simple incremental search.


male - 2006-04-07: Hhhm - TeX? I don't have TeX! What's about combining it with tcom and using the "remote access" to MS Word, or OpenOffice to generate the DIN letter?

Yes - I could try this out, but my knowledge about the COM interface of Word or OpenOffice is very limited and there are others, who can do this much easier than I.

Is there anybody out there to try to combine dinbrief with tcom?

RFox You can get TeX for free look for MikTeX for Win32 systems http://www.miktex.org that's what I'm assuming you'd want since you talk about COMing to Word. TeTeX (http://www.tug.org/tetex/ ) is available for most unix like systems including OS-X. Most linux distros will, of course have pre-configured packages.

wdb The reason why I choose TeX is its professional typography which is far superior to Word and OOo. -- Secundum, if I want to write a letter with a classic word processor, the gui is delivered with the word processor so that there is no need to write some new gui. -- With TeX, on the other hand, there is the needs of writing markup so that any gui is welcome.

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