doctest for Tcl

This allows a user to doctest Tcl scripts.

To say shortly, the doctests are special comments inserted directly into a Tcl code. The doctest blocks are closely related to the code of module and used for testing and documenting it. You run this doctest on them and get the results of testing (OK or FAILED). Just so simple.

This allows you to keep your code in a working state each time you modify it.

The features of this doctest:

  • a full body of Tcl module can be used for doctesting
  • selected named blocks can be used for doctesting
  • several commands can produce one result to be checked
  • the results and commands can be multi-lined (continued with \)
  • the doctest blocks can contain several results to be checked
  • the block result is estimated OK if all its results are OK
  • the doctesting can be performed in safe/unsafe interpreter
  • the outputs modes are verbose, short or silent
  • only 'silent' output mode means 'hide OK, show FAILED if any'
  • large doctests can be sourced from files
  • doctesting any files, not only Tcl

Further details:

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