What: ezsmtp (easy smtp)

 Where: <URL: http://www.millibits.com/djh/tcl/ezsmtp.html >
        <URL: http://www.millibits.com/djh/tcl/ezsmtp1.0.0.tar.gz >
        <URL: http://www.purl.org/NET/akupries/soft/mail/ >
 Description: Cross platform Pure Tcl method for sending email on Unix/Mac/WinNT.
        Designed to work with Tcl 8.x on any platform with sockets.
        Supports only text email.  See the akupries web page for extensions
        to support attachments.
        Communicates with SMTP servers.  Known to work on Unix,
        Windows 9x/NT/2000, and OpenVMS.
 Updated: 11/2000
 Contact: <URL: mailto:[email protected] >

2003-03-13 The package is temporarily unavailable at the above site and can be found here: http://vectorstream.com/tcl/packages/ in the mean time. I also have a version with rudimentary SMTP AUTH support (My additions are Public Domain). I'll offer it to the package maintainer in case work hasn't already proceeded in that area. Julian M Noble

See also SMTP

2006-05-24 I would encourage scripters to use the more standard/supported tcllib "mime" and "smtp" packages or for someone to submit a wrapper for those packages that gives a simple interface like ezsmtp. There are enough anti-spam defenses in most mail servers nowadays that ezsmtp's simplistic view of the world is probably inadequate (need for auth-over-TLS, etc). -- D. J. Hagberg

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