full view wrapped text

Increase the height of a text widget to get a full view of its word wrapped contents

fr As I don't know how to get the linecount of a word wrapped text widget, this code increases the widget's height until the bounding box of the last character returns a non empty list. (MG In Tk 8.5, I think you can use $textWidget count -displaylines 1.0 end)

 package require Tk
 bind . <F1> {console show}
 wm geometry . 260x600
 proc geom {x} {
   wm geometry . [format %dx600 $x]
 button .br -text "reset text" -command reset
 pack .br -pady 5
 if {[expr {$tcl_version >= 8.5}]} { ;# as per MG's tip
   button .bv -text "full view" -command {.t configure -height [.t count -displaylines 1.0 end]}
 } else {
   button .bv -text "full view" -command adapt
 pack .bv -side top
 set svar 255
 scale .sc -orient vertical -label "window width" -command geom -from 80 -to 800 -variable svar
 pack .sc -side left
 proc reset {} {
   catch {destroy .t}
   text .t -width 10 -wrap word -height 1
   pack .t -side left -fill x -expand 1 -pady 5 -padx 5
   for {set x 1} {$x<5} {incr x} {
     if {$x>1} {.t insert end \n}
     set first *
     for {set y 0} {$y < 21} {incr y} {
       .t insert end [format "%s%d.%02d" $first $x $y]
       set first " "
     .t insert end \n

 proc adapt {{maxloop 100}} {
   .t see 1.0
   update idletasks
   set pos [.t index end]
   foreach {line col} [split $pos .] break
   incr line -1
   while {![llength [.t bbox $line.end]]} {
     incr maxloop -1
     if {!$maxloop} {
       wm title . $h:aborted
     set h [.t cget -height]
     incr h
     .t configure -height $h
     wm title . [list $h height of .t]
     update idletasks