gOpenMol is a tool for the visualization and analysis of molecular structures and their chemical properties.

With gOpenMol small molecules, and to lesser extent protein structures, as well as the chemical properties, total electron densities and molecule orbitals of small molecules can be visualized and analyzed. Data from a variety of computational chemistry programs such as TurboMole, Gaussian, Gamess, etc., can be analyzed if the output files from these programs have been converted into the .plt-file format understood by gOpenMol. Moreover, dynamics done with, e.g., InsightII can be visualized and a short mpeg animation of the dynamics files generated.

Tcl/Tk is used for GUI and scripting, a C-based kernel uses OpenGL for display.

gold testing inhouse pix

DiffgOpenMol_files image012 png

DiffgOpenMol_files image006 png

Fig4_starch png