glob and VFS

I noticed that while globbing files on disk, if a starpack is encountered, it seems that the VFS inside this starkit is automatically mounted and becomes part of the globbed results, if the .exe is equivalent to the own running program.

E.g. if I run U:/tools/hr.exe and start a globbing of U:/, than the whole contents of "myself" are listed.

  • Is this by intention? Maybe it's because the VFS is mounted with a mountpoint named after the current executable.
  • If so, it should help to "unmount" the starkit beforehand?

This behaviour means that the result greatly differs from the OS command 'dir /s', e.g, and that special care is required in excuting file i/o operations which enumerate files.

I'm not using any mysterious commands, only the routine from Matthias Hoffmann - Tcl-Code-Snippets - misc - globx.

AMG: It seems one consequence of this is that the starpack or Tclkit binary file are treated as directories, not files. Consequently, [glob] shows them for -types d but not -types f. Why can't they be both?