Igloo is a project to build a Snit-like layer on top of TclOO. The goal is to provide all of Snit's convenience in the context of TclOO, rather than to provide a drop-in TclOO-based replacement for Snit. In particular, while I intend the syntax (e.g., for delegation) to be similar to that of Snit, I do not intend to slavishly follow Snit syntax. Rather, what I'm looking for is a TclOO-based package that is so pleasant to use that I'll gladly leave Snit behind.


The current version of Igloo can be found at GitHub . Feedback is welcome.


Nothing about Igloo (including the name) is graven in stone at this time.


Some years ago I began a similar effort that never really got off the ground. Since then I've spent a considerable amount of time using TclOO alongside of Snit, and have a better notion of what's desirable and what's doable. The remaining text in this section is from my initial "iGloo" efforts.

iGloo is a project investigate the implications of building Snit's Not Incr Tcl on top of TIP #257: Object Orientation for Tcl. At present it's less a software product than a series of blog posts [L1 ] about the issues I run into and how I solve them. I may make bits of code available as well; if so, they'll be found at [L2 ]. Note, though, that any code I make public is subject to change without notice. -- WHD

Here are the blog posts in sequence:

A note on the name: A couple of years ago, when Snit was beginning to catch on, there was a time when I seriously thought about changing its name. "iGloo" is my favorite of the names I came up; you can pronounce it "ig-loo" or, alternatively, "I Glue". I pronounce it the first way, but I mean the second. -- WHD

Status: 02/03/2010 [L3 ]

"The "iGloo" project is pretty much defunct. At this point, TclOO lacks two things that Snit needs: hierarchical methods (methods with subcommands, like the text widget's tag command), and direct support for configure/cget options. Of the two, hierarchical methods are the more critical...but Donal's been working on that"...

"Ultimately, I expect that TclOO will mature to the point that Snit is unnecessary, or Snit 3 will be built on TclOO. Unfortunately, as I said in another post, I really need support for hierarchical methods, and it's not there in TclOO yet"...

quoted from WHD (Oct 23 2009)

APN 2015-12-04 Based on the github link above, I believe Igloo is no longer defunct but being actively pursued. escargo 2019-04-07 The last updates were in 2015, so I'd say it's not being actively pursued.


RLH I am glad you stuck with Snit! ; )

WHD Would just plain "Gloo" (punning on both "Glue" and "OO") be better?

RLH It doesn't screem at me like iGloo does. Snit is better though.