ical is a Tcl/Tk based calendar/reminder application. It is quite popular with PDA users, since its storage format is generally compatible with other applications.

Sanjay Ghenamawat, ical's author, is "no longer developing ical", in his own words. His last release was 2.2a [L1 ].

As of June 2011, the "current" ical source can be found here: https://launchpad.net/ical-tcl

Everything below this line is ancient history.

Information about ical was at one point accessible from http://clef.lcs.mit.edu/%7Esanjay/ical.html , however, this site is no longer available.

Two mailing lists have been set up for ical-related information. Ical is a calendar application written using the Tk toolkit.

To subscribe, send mail to either mailto:[email protected] or mailto:[email protected] .

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mailto:[email protected] consists of new announcments about the source code (including beta releases), and other announcements of high interest to ical installers/users/hackers. The traffic on this list should be fairly low.

mailto:[email protected] is a list used for general discussion about ical. Mail sent to "ical-announce" will be automatically forwarded here, so you do not have to subscribe to both lists.

 What: ical - a calendar manager
 Where: http://filewatcher.org/file_i/617850/ical.html
 Description: A calendar application - previously required InterViews
        libraries but now uses only tk.  Designed for Tcl 7/Tk 3.3.
        This is implemented as a set of date management extensions and a
        Tcl/Tk interpreter.  Also contains a class system with methods for Tcl.
        V2.x requires a C++ compiler, Tcl 7.4 and Tk 4.0 or later.
        See the freebsd site for v2.2 of ical.
        Syncal is a program to synchronize your ical with
         a Palm Pilot date book.
        A patched version of ical 2.2.1a that should build on Tcl 8.3 and
         newer versions was made available several times in the past for
         people to mirror; I unfortunately am unaware of any specific
         location for ical-2.2.1a.tar.gz .
        At the wanadoo site, find a port of ical 2.2 to Windows.
        Author no longer provides support for this tool.
 Updated: 05/2002
 Contact: Unknown

I was the next-to-last maintainer for Ical. I created the ical-2.2.1a patch. That said, I would encourage somebody to rewrite Ical as a pure Tcl/Tk application. It has a well developed interface and is a useful application. Given Richard's calendar widget it would be a trivial rewrite. Rewrite should be based on the interface, not the old code. -Sluggo

Back in 2000, Phil Ehrens indicated that he had a version of ical that worked with Tcl 8.3 at http://www.imbe.net/ical-2.2.1a.tar.bz2 .

Jeff Hobbs indicated that he mirrored this code at:


and that he would be willing to put the code into a sf.net project if someone were willing to work on it.

There is an updated version of Ical 2.3.1 See Ical maintenance project by Richard Jones Ical 2.3.1 available at [L2 ] To compile it on Slackware Linux 9.0, I needed to apply the mentioned ical.patch.fedora1 patch. There are some links some other .rpm files of older versions of Ical that have been updated for later versions of Linux

Source and Binary RPMs of ical 2.2 and 2.3.1 for Fedora Core are available at http://www.sericyb.com.au/

4.April 2008: Actually found that Puppy Linux comes with ical preinstalled...

See also ical OO

July 2009: I've written a public domain patch that gets calc-2.2 to compile with gcc-4.3.3 and tcltk-8.5.7. Both are available at the following URL:


January 2010: Has anyone successfully tried to port the C-Code to windows or even compile it on a windows machine? Would be great to get Ical portable as a tclkit.