imap [L1 ] (url updated).

We have imap code in the Tcllib sources (CVS). This code is, however, not very clean, without documentation, test cases, etc. Because of that Tcllib install process does not install this code. Volunteeers for working on it are welcome.

GReithofer - 2010-06-29 11:50:02

I've extended the imap4.tcl code from Salvatore Sanfilippo to provide a tcl package, added some todos from him, implemented the IMAP LIST command and wrote a tcldoc manpage.
Code and Docs are available in the Wiki Repo .

AK - 2010-06-29 17:50:58

Gerhard, is that the same code which we have in Tcllib, waiting for a maintainer to clean it up ? Even if not, as you can see, there is already a place where your code can go, should you wish to contribute.