info object isa

info object isa category object ?arg?

This tests whether object (a TclOO object) is a member of the given category (possibly as modified by arg). The supported categories are:

info object isa class object

Is object a class? (Being a class means being an instance of oo::class or one of its subclasses.)

info object isa metaclass object

Is object a metaclass? (A metaclass is a subclass of oo::class.)

info object isa mixin object class

Is class directly mixed into object?

info object isa object command

Is command really an object? (If it is, it will be an instance of oo::object or any of its subclasses; that's the whole TclOO class system though.)

info object isa typeof object class

Is object of the type of the given class? (It is if it is an instance of the class or a one of its direct or indirect subclasses.)