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Package name for [incr Tcl], one popular object oriented extension for Tcl.

% package require Itcl

[incr Tcl] is a longer, more entertaining name that people use to refer to the same same bit of code, but the name of the package, as installed, is Itcl.

The itcl package consists of the following command names:

apw 2008-12-20 for a feature list of itcl 4.0, see itcl-ng. There are a lot of new features like delegation, components, types, widgetadaptors, widgets etc.

% package require Itcl

New additional itcl command names in itcl 4.0:

The different itcl class types are:

Itcl class level command names:

New itcl class level command names in itcl 4.0:

LV Where on the web will one find the documentation for itcl 4.0 ?

For a threaded Version of Itcl, see Threaded Itcl

Help in debugging itcl code.


Firework Display


BOOK incr Tcl from the ground up
deleting itcl objects
derived itcl::class
incr tcl design patterns
Integrating Itcl into the Tcl core
itcl based iterator
itcl chain
Itcl in XOTcl
itcl overhead
persistent itcl
Pure-itcl widgets
using itcl init code fragment
Itcl common variables

Undocumented Features

Automatic get/set methods for an itcl class
use code within a class to auto generate class variables and methods.
Itcl common inheritance