julian day library

What: julian day library

 Where: http://www.enteract.com/%7Emghall/tcltk/julian-day-0.1.tar.gz
 Description: Tcl package which converts year month day to a Julian day
        number and back.  Covers dates from 4713 BC to tens of
        thousands of years into the future.  Also allows adding of
        years/months/days to a julian day number, and day of week/year
        and day in year functions.
 Updated: 01/2002
 Contact: mailto:[email protected] (Mike Hall)

AM (6 july 2004) The above link is stale. Any updates available?

KBK (7 July 2004) The functionality proposed for the clock command in TIP #173 includes a %J format group that gives the Julian Day Number. Since TIP #173 also proposes using the -format option on [clock scan], you can do input as well of output of Julian Day.

See also: tcllib calendar module

Tcl 8.5 clock's ... scan $julianDay -format %J and ... format $time -format %J converts times-since-unix-epoch to and from Julian day numbers.

 What: Julian date routines with Tcl binding
 Where: http://www.controlq.com/OpenSource/Tcl_Julian.tgz
 Description: Makefile to build for Windows as well as most Unix variants.
        Does not make use of TEA. This code is based on the 1583 epoch
        decreed by Papal intervention.  J_Date units are measured in days
        and J_Time units are measured in seconds.
        Currently at version 0.0 .
 Updated: 11/2006
 Contact: See web site