ksh , by David Korn, is a Unix Shell in the Bourne Shell family. Versions of ksh are available for various Linux and Unix systems and also for Microsoft Windows. kornshell.com links to ksh project , but the source code is actually available in the ast project .


David Korn has spent a number of years writing UWIN UWIN , a set of Unix like utilities that run on Windows (a concept similar to Cygwin, MKS Toolkit, etc.).

In David Korn Tells All , 2001-02-07, David Korn states that ksh93 should be compared to Tcl, in the sense that it is implemented as a reusable library with a C language API, and points to dtksh and tksh as an example of the embedability/extensibility of ksh93. In Playing the MacOS Shell Game , Cameron Laird argues in favour of ksh over tcsh.

ksh93 aims for compatibility with the Shell Language Standard part of POSIX, and can therefore be used as a Bourne Shell replacement.

Some of the overlap between Ksh and Tcl can be seen in these packages:

 What: tkhistory
 Where: ftp://ftp.procplace.com/pub/tcl/sorted/packages-7.6/misc/tkhistory-2/tkhistory-2.tar.Z
 Description: A Tk 3.6 script that visually keeps track of the
        command history for csh, tcsh, and ksh.
 Updated: 11/2002
 Contact: mailto:[email protected] (Rick McClanahan)

See Also

tksh, by Jeffrey Korn
an implementation of the Tcl C library written on top of ksh93.