LA - linear algebra

 Description: Tcl procedures to manipulate vectors and matrices.
        User can mix vectors and arrays in linear algebra operations.
        Currently at version 1.0 .
        Procedures cover manipulation of vectors and matrices such as
        scaling, concatenation by rows or columns, subsetting by
        rows or columns, formatted printing, transpose, dot product,
        matrix multiplication, solution of linear equation sets, 
        matrix inversion, and eigenvalue/eigenvector solutions.
        Sophisticated operations such as evaluating a custom procedure
        against each element of a matrix are easily possible.
        The package contains a worked Principle Components Analysis 
        problem based on Section 6.5 of the SEMATECH/NIST Statistics Handbook,
 Updated: 09/2001
 Contact:  You can email hume (At) 

AM (25 november 2004) I am currently working on a revision of the LA package to include in Tcllib's math module. The functionality will be extended a bit while (due to a different representation of matrices) various procedures will be faster by 20 to 40%.

Ed Hume