What: layout
 Description: Tk Procedure called layout which implements a 'frontend'
        to geometry managers implementing a different language
        for describing relationships of the pieces to be
 Updated: 09/2001
 Contact: See the distribution

HJG Dead link ?

SEH 20060328 -- Also the name of a text-based GUI design package designed by the author of tksql.


The following code:

 set lay {
        #- Day
        goto_day/beg - -

        #- View
        r=1d/view   r=2d/view   r=4d/view
        r=w/view    r=m/view    r=y/view

        #- Shift ahead
        r=period/shift r=double_period/shift r=day/shift
        r=week/shift   r=month/shift         r=year/shift

        #- Shift back
        r=_period/shift r=_double_period/shift r=_day/shift
        r=_week/shift   r=_month/shift         r=_year/shift
 sd::layout $lay -top -grid -arr Cal -side left -frame 

results in the following window:

jbr - Laying out widgets in a grid