locale package

Current Version: 0.3 (Updated 2018-10-15)

bll 2018-8-5 I have written a locale command to work with Tcl. When LC_ALL is set, the locale for LC_NUMERIC is recorded, and LC_NUMERIC is set to "C" so that Tcl numeric parsing still works. The format command is locale aware and can be used as in the example below by setting the LC_NUMERIC locale, then resetting LC_NUMERIC back to "C". The scan command is not locale aware.

On Windows, LC_MESSAGES does not exist. LC_MESSAGES will return LC_ALL. Setting LC_MESSAGES will record the locale setting, but will not change any locale setting.

This package can be downloaded from: https://sourceforge.net/projects/tcl-collate/

# collate example

load [pwd]/locale.so
load [pwd]/collate.so

locale all set {}

set mylist [list A Ä B Z]
# try de_DE.UTF-8 and de_CH.UTF-8
lsort -command collate $mylist

# locale examples
# locale values
# locale all/collate/messages/monetary/numeric/time get
# locale all/collate/messages/monetary/numeric/time set <locale>
# locale all/collate/messages/monetary/numeric/time set {} ; # from environment

load [pwd]/locale.so

# Initialize all LC_* settings from the environment.
# Note that the LC_NUMERIC locale is saved internally, and reset to 'C'.
locale all set {}

# [locale values] returns some information if you want to use
# it directly in your program.
# Note that: 'locale all set {}' must be called,
locale values
-> decimal_point , thousands_sep . grouping 33 currency_symbol €

# Getting LC_NUMERIC will return the correct value, though
# in reality, it is still set to 'C'.
locale numeric get
-> de_DE.UTF-8

# The format statement is locale aware.
# Setting LC_NUMERIC explicitly works, but you have to remember to
# change it back.
locale numeric set de_DE.UTF-8
set x [format %.1f 1.5]
-> 1,5
locale numeric set C

# scan is not locale aware
# this regsub handles 90+% of the different locales, I expect
regsub , $x . x
scan $x %f myvalue

# Windows: LC_MESSAGES returns the LC_ALL setting
locale messages get
-> de_DE.UTF-8

# Windows: setting LC_MESSAGES saves the value, but doesn't change any
# locale settings.
locale messages set en_US.UTF-8
locale messages get
-> en_US.UTF-8