Mail is one of the killer apps for the internet (along with the WWW of course).

On this page, I hope to accumulate pointers to various related programs, extensions, wiki pages, etc. relating to dealing with mail from Tcl.

Here are some other mail-related links in the Wiki:

"EMail Package for TCL" [L1 ] (are the error diagnostics with this primitive?)


"mail example" [L2 ] (404)

"mail forwarding example" [L3 ] (404)

'OTOH this works fine:

  % exec cmd /c start "" mailto:[email protected]?subject=abc^&body=bbb

' [give ref]

MG It looks like this is an MS Windows-only way to launch your default email client, rather than to actually send the mail via Tcl. cmd /c start (or, for more portability, [auto_execok start]) <cmd> is basically the same as typing <cmd> into the Start->Run dialog box - which can launch programs, directories, or pretty much any hyperlink/web protocol that Internet Explorer can handle (mailto:, telnet://, ftp:// , etc).

Alpine is a community-supported continuation of the venerable Pine email messaging system. One of its features is Web Alpine, a complete cgi-driven web browser client. The cgi code that manages the client interface, does session management and interacts with the server-side Alpine program is written in Tcl with the help of cgi.tcl

See [L6 ]

BID (The Business Information Dispatcher) is designed to apply business-rules to your eMail traffic. The goal of the BID tool is to automate the dispatching of business information and to join a business-case with a responsible receiver. A receiver can be a human being or just an other BID server customized for a special business-case. The BID server was designed as generic server using a plugin to serve a specific business-rule.