Mario Becroft

About me

I am a Tcl'er from a long time back.

More recently (2014 to 2018) I have not been very involved with Tcl. But to paraphrase, "once a Tcl'er, always a Tcl'er." I felt a need to fill this void in my soul. So here I am (as of August 2018).

Contacting me

Where I work (Auckland, New Zealand):https://true.group/

We are happy to do Tcl consulting! My team includes two experienced Tcl experts.

I try to hang out as mbecroft in #tcl / Tcl'ers Chat. If you wish to speak to me, mention my nick, and I will pick it up when I am next online, usually within 12 hours.

Interesting projects/uses of Tcl

Over the years I have used Tcl in a variety environments. I will document some of the more interesting ones here.