min's text (mtext) : Improved text widget

Improved text widget using by Tcl/Tk for Tcl/Tk programmer.

Project page: http://tcltk.co.kr/moniwiki/wiki.php/mtext


EKB Nice! The demo runs OK on my Win XP machine. The only drawback is the scrollbar, which jumps around when going over "folded" text.

A question: is syntax highlighting only for Tcl syntax? Would it be possible to expose a "highlighting engine"? What I'm picturing here is that the programmer feeds a set of regexps, keywords, and colors to the "engine". Then it could be used to highlight syntax for many different languages. Just a thought...

AEC I have had a look at this today and agree it is quite a nice widget. I have spent some time digging into the code and it appears to be descended from ctext (which is in tklib). I believe the same highlighting mechanism is used.