Jeff Godfrey - mk_manager is a general "Metakit" database browser tool. At this point, it's just a quick hack really. My initial motivation was a dire need to view/modify some data I had placed in a Metakit database, not to write a full-blown application to do so. The result was "mk_manager" - not a polished application by any stretch, but able to do what I needed.

Mk_manager is pure tcl. It does require the "Bwidget" and "Tablelist" extensions (also pure tcl) as well as the "mk4tcl" extension for Metakit access.

Jean-Claude Wippler and Steve Landers were kind enough to wrap everything into a single-file starkit and make it available here:

Here are a few usage hints:

  • The "Refresh view" and "Add record" buttons on the toolbar do not currently function.
  • A Metakit database can be opened using either "File --> Open", or the "Open..." toolbar button.
  • Once open, the views (tables) found in the database will be displayed in a tree widget in the left-hand pane.
  • To see the contents of a view, just select it in the left-hand pane. The records will be displayed on the right.
  • To see the fields in a given view, open the view node of the tree widget (or examine them in the right-hand pane).
  • A record can be modified by double-clicking it and entering new data in the dialog window.
  • One or more records can be deleted by selecting them (using extended selection methods) and then clicking the "Delete record(s)" toolbar button.

Also, one word of warning - I hope this goes without saying, but you never know.... I have used this application to make many small changes to several of my Metakit databases. To my knowledge, it will safely make any requested changes, but I don't consider it a "well-tested" application. Please do not use it to modify your only copy of mission critical data. Always have a backup!

Hmmm... Maybe exposing this code to the public will embarrass me into creating a real application to replace it with. Stay tuned...


See also dgmkviewer