Mk4vfs is a VFS driver for Metakit, written in Tcl. It requires the TclVFS extension.

It is included in Tclkit and is used during the start phase of Starkits to mount itself as file system. Once mounted, Tclkit can run the "main.tcl" and use the packages in its lib/ directory.

MHo: What would be cool: if we could mount a Mk4vfs as a (windows-)drive or at least from within a file manager like total commander, so we would be able to work with the files in such a VFS as with any other files.

LV Have you checked with any of the Tcl file managers to see if they currently support this? If not, see if there is a tcl file manager which is actively being developed and submit that as a feature request.

SEH: On Linux/Unix, you could use the tcl-fuse extension to make a Tcl virtual filesystem visible to the operating system as a whole. On Windows, you could use a utility like NetDrive or FTPDrive to make a Tcl WebDAV server or FTP server appear as a letter drive, and use that server to make available any other Tcl virtual filesystem such as mk4vfs.