MGS 2006-05-02:

I took the code written by Martin Lemburg in Reading MP3 file info and created a package for it:

Identifier: mp3info
Version: 0.0.1
Title: A library to read mp3 file information.
Creator: Martin Lemburg <[email protected]>
Contributor: Mark G. Saye <[email protected]>
Description: Reads mp3 file information.
Rights: BSD
Available: 2004-11-24
Architecture: tcl
Type: Software
Subject: mp3
Language: en

Note: I have removed the id3 tag code and am putting it into a separate package.

MHo 2008-12-06: How to interpret duration? I noticed that the value only seems to be correct if the bitrate is constant. One have to use snack to work around.

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