nRfMon - nano spectrum analyzer with the RFM12B transceiver module

License : GPL

A software spectrum analyzer for the RFM12B transceiver module running in a JeeNode or an Arduino. Use this program to visualize what the RFM12B transceiver module "hears" in the 433, 868 or 915 MHz bands.

nRfMon tries to visualize what's happening on the radio waves when transmitting and get an understanding of the physical qualities involved. Based on an idea that initiated in the JeeLabs forums , a sample sketch and JeeLib , it provides a basic spectrum analyzer with a waterfall display along with normal frequency and time domain displays of the signals, as they are heard by the very same RFM12B module employed in the board, and a Bit Error Rate (BER) and Packet Error Rate (PER) display with JeeLib packet decoding.

This tool is accompanied by a sketch, which must to be uploaded to the Jeenode or whatever Arduino or compatible board the RFM12B module under test is connected to. The source code for all can be found here: . Here is a snapshot of the main window:

nRfMon screenshot

This project is also discussed in the JeeLabs forum thread, nRfMon - RFM12B forensics .