• conf package - parse and load text conf files (flat style, ini-style, nested sections style)
  • dowhile package - do-while loop
  • htmltmpl package - a text template engine similar to perl HTML::Template
  • finsum package - An util lib for financial sum convertion from floating value(e.g. 22.38) to integer value(e.g. 2238)
  • utils - various utils collected in one file(too small for a separate library)
  • readcmd package - A command line editing library(with tclshrc as example: support autocompletion of commands, variables, namespaces, file names)
  • dbf lib - A pure tcl lib for working with dbf format(Now only dbf3 without memo and indexes is supported)
  • mimeopen - An util for opening files with a program specific to its mime type(based on mailcap files)
  • getopt - A pure tcl lib for parsing command line options(support short options bundling)