netbeanstcl tutorial

I've prepared some instructions how to deal with prepared Tcl Plugin for Netbeans.

See also: Tcl Plugin for Netbeans - Debugger Overview.


Please download .nbm file from . Make sure that your Netbeans plugins are up to date. Sometimes Netbeans couldn't handle automatic update during installation of Tcl Plugin. I also recommend to manually install missing plugins.

First step: Open Netbeans 7.0. Select Tools→Plugins:

Plugins window will open. Select Downloaded tab and press Add plugins... button:

Select just downloaded .nbm file:

You will see this information: (Note: Version number will be higher. Screen was captured for the first plugin version)

Now select Install button. Here is the result:

Installer will ask you to confirm BSD License and display warning about my certificate:

After all steps Tcl Plugin is installed:


Current state (version 0.1 according to .nbm numeration) of Tcl Plugin allows to edit .tcl files with syntax highlight and create Tcl Projects.

File→New Project gives ability to create empty Tcl script:

It looks like this:

Available options:

dmp 26 June 2011 Updated version (0.2 according to .nbm numeration) allows to run Tcl scripts. Here is an example:

Also Option Panel (Tools→Options) is available. Make sure that tclsh path is correct.

dmp 3 July 2011 Version 0.3 brings project properties feature. Right click on the name in Project Window allows to select Properties and lead us to this window:

New features

dmp 19 August 2011 Version 1.0 implements Debugger.

RLH 16 Aug 2011 There should be an awesome button or something. :-)

EF Current version of NetBeans is 7.2, plugin, as listed on the plugins page is 7.1 or 7.0. Does it work with the latest NetBeans version?