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The NaviServer module: nsstats

The module nsstats is a helper module which reports detailed information from a running NaviServer installation via Web interface. It provides several statistics about the liveliness of an naviserver instance. In particular, nsstats provides information about e.g.

  • cache usage and statistics
  • configuration parameters (actual values and config file)
  • mutex lock statistics (containing max wait, total wait, total lock time, avg lock time)
  • nsv lock statistics
  • runtime statistics from the virtual server(s) and pool(s)
  • scheduled procedures
  • threads (currently running threads, including user time, system times, processor number and state (Linux only))
  • web-access to
    • configuration file
    • last entries from error.log
  • per-server and per-pool information in process statistics
  • queueing and spooling statistics
  • detailed performance metering queuing time/filter time/runtime per pool

nsstats is available from Bitbucket .

Details and source code:


    $ hg clone https://bitbucket.org/naviserver/nsstats/