This is one portion of the nstcl package.

[Describe the functions that nstcl provides for managing html]

Here's a sample script demonstrating a use:

 package require nstcl 1.0
 namespace import nstcl::*

 set url https://wiki.tcl-lang.org/

 # the <base> tag will be used to turn relative links into absolute links if
 # tcllib is present, otherwise behavior is that of AOLserver's ns_hrefs command
 set html "<base href=\"$url\">"
 append html [ns_httpget $url]

 # Keep track of lengths of URLs
 set lengths([string length $html]) [list $url]

 # Iterate through all the distinct links from the page fetched
 foreach url [lsort -unique [ns_hrefs $html]] {
     if {[catch { ns_httpget $url } html]} {
         puts stderr "Couldn't fetch $url because: $html"
     } else {
         lappend lengths([string length $html]) $url
         puts "Fetched $url"

 # Sort and print in order of shortest to longest page length
 foreach length [lsort -integer [array names lengths]] {
     foreach url $lengths($length) {
         puts "Length $length: $url"

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