nt-tcl , aka NT Extensions for Tcl was a set of extensions specifically for managing x86 Windows NT


[email protected] (Christopher M. Sedore)


Anyone still have a copy of this package?

nt-tcl82.zip (dead)
nt-tcl82stubs.zip (dead)
ntext-prelim.zip (dead)

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much preferred over nt-tcl


The ntsys extension handled adding, enumerating and deleting users, local and global groups, retrieving user account info, retrieving, modifying and setting file and directory permissions.

The ODBC extension provides basic support.

The registry extension is a port of Gordon Chaffee's work in TkNT with some enhancments.

The gdtcl is a port of gdtcl and gd for doing GIF creation and manipulation. The gdtcl extension includes a safe entry point and thus can be used with the Tcl plugin.

tclping provides access to the icmp echo protocol.

shortcut is an extension to create and maintain Windows 95/NT shortcuts.

The entire package has been built with MSVC++ 5.0.

The author mentions that none of these have been tested with Windows 95. Some may work - the NT specific ones obviously won't.