nvi - the "New-VI" editor

 Where: https://sites.google.com/a/bostic.com/keithbostic/vi/
        ftp://ftp.foretune.co.jp/pub/tools/nvi-m17n/ (URL is 404 on Aug 27, 2011)
 Description: Nvi is the next generation visual editor (vi), a freely
        redistributable implementation of ex/vi editor.
        The current generation of nvi contains the ability to be configured
        to allow writing of internal functions in Tcl, as well as provides
        a configuration for Tk interfaces.
 Updated: 06/2000
 Contact: mailto:[email protected] (Keith Bostic)

 What: vigor
 Where: http://www.red-bean.com/%7Ejoelh/vigor/ (URL is 404 on Aug 27, 2011)
 Description: vigor is a Tcl/Tk 'helpful' assistant interacting with the nvi tcl
        interface.  Contact claims inspiration based on "User Friendly,
        Comic Strip".
 Updated: 02/2000
 Contact: mailto:[email protected]