ooxml - ECMA-376 Office Open XML File Formats (spreadsheet)

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See https://fossil.sowaswie.de/ooxml/timeline (fossil repository)


ooxml - ECMA-376 Office Open XML File Formats (spreadsheet)

Read and Write Office Open XML "XLSX" since Excel 2007

This package contains several commands to edit Excel files. The three most important are the following three:

Importing Excel files into a Tcl array with ::ooxml::xl_read, export Tcl data to an Excel file with ::ooxml::xl_write and export Tcl tablelist to an Excel file with ::ooxml::tablelist_to_xl.


::ooxml::Default name value
::ooxml::RowColumnToString rowcol
::ooxml::StringToRowColumn name
::ooxml::CalcColumnWidth numberOfCharacters ?maximumDigitWidth? ?pixelPadding?
::ooxml::xl_sheets file
::ooxml::xl_read file args
::ooxml::xl_write args
                     method numberformat args
                     method defaultdatestyle STYLEID
                     method font args
                     method fill args
                     method border args
                     method style args
                     method worksheet name
                     method column sheet args
                     method row sheet args
                     method cell sheet {data {}} args
                     method autofilter sheet indexFrom indexTo
                     method freeze sheet index
                     method presetstyles
                     method presetsheets
                     method view args
                     method write filename
::ooxml::tablelist_to_xl lb args


  • tclvfs::zip >= 1.4.2
  • tdom >= 0.9.0


Examples: https://fossil.sowaswie.de/ooxml/wiki?name=examples

Man-Page: https://fossil.sowaswie.de/ooxml/wiki?name=man-page


Copyright (C) 2018-2022 Alexander Schoepe, Bochum, DE

Copyright (C) 2019 Rolf Ade, DE

Tcl package: BSD-3 license