openFT by Fujitsu-Siemens

this software is a commercial middleware software using tcl internal

from the web-site of the manufacturor: [L1 ]


Enterprise file transfer solutions: automated, secure and cost-efficient openFT from Fujitsu Siemens Computers satisfies all requirements that are placed on modern file transfer, with special attention being paid to the support of company-wide networks and eBusiness architectures. This includes availability on many platforms, support for all major network types, automatic restart, automation capability and reasonable operating costs.

openFT guarantees the highest possible security and reliability:

  • Protection of the local system from unauthorized access
  • Automatic recording of all transfer processes to reduce the chances of unauthorized access to zero
  • Administration-free encryption for job and user data
  • Firewall strategies

openFT also allows transfer charges to be minimized by transferring data when rates are reduced and uses compression to reduce the number of bytes. In case of a transfer interruption, the automatic restart function ensures that data does not have to be sent again. Furthermore, openFT supports mobile computing and is suitable for e-commerce.