package require bwidget , ansys problem

hi all.

i have wrote a tcl/tk script with visual tcl that contain notebook widget(kind of bwidget). but unfortunately i cant use it in ansys. when i use the ~eui,source mytcl.tcl i encounter with the message "can not find package while executing ...." so is there any way that i can use tcl/tks scripts that contain bwidget in ansys?

i think ansys can not find bwidget ,so is there any way to route ansys to bwidget?

DKF: The first step is to ensure that you have the BWidget package installed on your system, and the second step is to make sure that the directory where it is installed is in the list in the auto_path variable. Thus, you'd be looking to do:

lappend auto_path /the/place/where/I/put/bwidget
source mytcl.tcl

How this would get fed into that Ansys program… can't help you very much there. I've only ever installed it, not actually used it.

shayan - 2011-10-21 05:54:47

shayan: thank you very much DKF.that solved my problem.