What: padgraph

 Description: Tk widget, based on the pad widget (a raw drawable),
        draws an x-y graph.
        Known to compile on Linux, Solaris, Windows.
        Interface either via Tcl or C.  The C interface can handle
        large datasets with fast rendering (one application draws
        20,000 points per second).  Supports scrollbars and a
        background image.  Is distributed with a modified
        version of Steve Bellenot's pad widget.
 Version: 1.2
 Updated: 10/2003
 Contact: mailto:[email protected] (Steve Cassidy)

The URL above states: Note: as of July '03, this is known not to build standalone. It will eventually be made TEA compliant -- anyone willing to lend a hand would be much appreciated. You can get a version that will build by downloading the Emu source code.

See also emu_graph.