persistence is the maintenance of some state against a dynamically changing environment.

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[discuss persistence in relationship to functionality that Metakit and other toolsets provide]

LV: When I see the word persistence, what I think of is the concept of the state of an application being retained between executions.

For instance, on my Palm Pilot, there are games and other applications which, if executing when I turn off the device, pick up at the same spot when I turn on the device again.

Even neater, some applications retain their state when another application runs - for instance, if I am reading a particular Palm document, then pop over to the calendar, when I return to the Palm document reading application, the same document is opened, at the sample chapter and paragraph, as when I left.

I seem to recall some operating system that I've used in the past doing similar things - remembering what applications I was running at the time of log off, and not only restarting those apps, but opening the appropriate documents, etc.

Setok: Perhaps you mean this: EROS: The Extremely Reliable Operating System ?

No, but that is an interesting reference.

Is this the type of persistence that is being referenced here - a saving of state between invocations?