"pktsrc [L1 ] is a Tcl package that adds support for sending and receiving raw packets from Tcl scripts. The packets are considered 'raw' since they the are not sent through the host's full IP stack. This allows a Tcl script to generate and receive any packet, regardless of MAC address, IP address, TOS, etc. pktsrc was designed for the IP testing world, but it has many potential applications. It enables full access to network interfaces from a simple scripting environment. This version only supports Ethernet interfaces."

Is there an issue (under Linux?) generating pktsrc? See Mac Cody's comments [L2 ].

As of July 31, 2003 (and probably a good space of time before that), the pktsrc extension is no longer available at the QACafe web site. Joe McEachern, the author, verified that newer versions of pktsrc (beyond 1.3.1?) are only available as part of their test suite products. This is a real pity. I have version 1.2.17. Does anyone have a later version? - Mac Cody

Updated August 4, 2003 - I have obtained a copy of pktsrc 1.3.1 from another user. I will eventually make this available through my web site. - Mac Cody

I'm looking for this project. I have been on Mac Cody's website and original page of the project. Nothing!. I'm interested but I don't find any link. Please can you write any link?. Many thanks.

Updated November 21, 2004 - QACafe's pktsrc 1.3.1 is now available at under the "Odds 'n' Ends" section. Sorry about the loooooong delay - Mac Cody

See: [L3 ]