# Create the main message window
message .m -text {Hello Tcl!} -background white
pack .m -expand true -fill both -ipadx 100 -ipady 40

# Create the main menu bar with a Help-About entry
menu .menubar
menu .menubar.help -tearoff 0
.menubar add cascade -label Help -menu .menubar.help -underline 0
.menubar.help add command -label {About Hello ...} \
    -accelerator F1 -underline 0 -command showAbout

#  Define a procedure - an action for Help-About
proc showAbout {} {
    tk_messageBox -message {Tcl/Tk\nHello Windows\nVersion 1.0} \
        -title {About Hello}

#  Configure the main window
wm title . {Hello Foundation Application}
. configure -menu .menubar -width 200 -height 150
bind . <Key F1> showAbout