This command is part of the TclX package.

profrep profDataVar sortKey ?outFile? ?userTitle?

This procedure generates a report from data collect from the profile command. ProfDataVar is the name of the array containing the data returned by the profile command. SortKey indicates which data value to sort by. It should be one of calls, cpu or real. OutFile is the name of file to write the report to. If omitted, stdout is assumed. UserTitle is an optional title line to add to output.

Listed with indentation below each procedure or command is the procedure call stack. The first indented line being the procedure that invoked the reported procedure or command. The next line is the procedure that invoked the procedure above it, and so on. If no indented procedures are shown, the procedure or command was called from the global context. Time actually spent in the global context is listed on a line labeled <global>. Upleveled code is reported in the context that it was executed in, not the context that the uplevel was called in.

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