The above URL is to a set of MS Windows based tools useful for dealing with processes.

However, depending on the browser you are using, the above URL may generate a 406 error msg for you when you attempt to access it. The problem is that the OS/Server software being used has some limits on HTTP 1.1 headers that do not match the headers generated by some browsers.

EF Nowadays, SysInternals has been bought by Microsoft and the tools have found a new home, so you will be redirected. Nevertheless, these tools are well designed and at least one Tcl library makes use of them: TIL uses pslist and pskill to provide an abstracted way to access processes on Windows (the library provides implementations for UNIX and MAC OSX). Note that the latest implementation is able to use the default "tasklist" and "taskkill" on Windows Vista, so the pstools are not needed anymore on this OS.