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Also interested in the discussion @ Tcl/Tk OS and creating such.

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1) Here is a problem. A tcl script is running on a system with network down. The script configures the network and brings it up. If the script attempts to open a socket to an outside machine using the IP address it succeeds. If it attempts to open a socket to that machine name, it fails. If it spawns a separate process to open the socket by name, it succeeds. So it appears as if the socket code in the running script, does not get correctly configured for dns when the network "comes up", whereas when it starts up on a configured network, it does. What command needs to be given to the socket code to "configure" it after bringing up the network?

KJN 2005-11-05 worked out that it probably lies within the resolver library. (See https://wiki.tcl-lang.org/12730 near the 2005.06.27 time frame.)

Current tcl/tk project is a Linux distribution Installer. That is a set of tcl/tk scripts to install a specific Linux distro from the CD.

A blank page showing the GUI is here: ftp://ftp.rdt1.org/kmi/kmi2.png

NEM Looks nice. Is that a custom widget? Is it available for download anywhere?

It uses a canvas with 'create poly' to draw regions on the background.

How would one make this into a package?