remote interpreter

A remote interpreter is at the heart of the concurrent systems available for Tcl. This page contains a list of those systems.

See Also

TCL interpreter through socket
A discussion of the details of transporting commands to a remote interpreter.

Remote Interpreters

Asynchronous Script Evaluation via Coroutines and Channels
A minimal-yet-sufficient general mechanism.
hubs remote interp
has an interface emulating interp, including the capability of creating aliases in the slave which call back to commands in the master.
A remote interpreter is created and used like a regular Tcl interpreter, but resides in fact on any host that is running an rinterp server.
Remote Script Execution
An example implementation of a client/server arrangement to execute command in a safe interpreter.
Simple remote Tk execution - distanciel
Tcl Remote Eval. Similar to comm, but the server maintains separate per-client sessions, with each session getting its own interpreter that persists until killed by client or timed out.
ycl chan interp
Given a channel that another interpreter is reading the other side of, evaluate scripts in that interpreter.