Update: As of 2010-09-28 the branch has been merged to CVS HEAD, so the IPv6 changes can now be tested there.

Testing the upcoming IPv6 support for Tcl

This page collects test results from the CVS branch that adds IPv6 support to Tcl.

To help with the testing, pull the rmax-ipv6-branch from Tcl's CVS (details here ) and run the usual configure/make/make test sequence on it.

Please update the table to reflect the current state of testing.

Test Results

2010-03-26NetBSD 5.1 snapshotx86_64rmaxOK
2010-03-26NetBSD 5.02i386bchOK
2010-03-27NetBSD 5.99.24 (-current)i386EGOK
2010-03-26openSUSE 11.2x86_64rmaxOK
2010-03-29SuSE Linux 9.0i686akOK
2010-03-29RedHat Linux FC4x86_64akOK
2010-03-26OpenSolaris 2009.6x86_64rmaxOK
2010-03-29Solaris 2.8 (gcc)sun4uakOK
2010-03-29Solaris 2.8 (sun cc)sun4uakOK
2010-03-29Solaris 2.10 (gcc)i86pcakOK
2010-03-29Solaris 2.10 (sun cc)i86pcakOK
2010-03-27MacOS X 10.5 (gcc)i386dkfOK
2010-03-29MacOS X 10.5 (Leopard, gcc)i386akOK
2010-06-08Windows XP (mingw/msys)i386rmaxOK
2010-03-29MacOS X 10.4 (Tiger, gcc)i386akFAIL (4)
2010-03-29HPUX 11.009000/800JHOK-20100610 (getaddrinfo emul)
2010-03-29HPUX 11.22 (hp cc)ia64akFAIL (5)
2010-03-29HPUX 11.22 (gcc)ia64akFAIL (5)
2010-03-29AIX 5.1 (cc)000C763E4C00JHOK-20100610
yyyy-mm-ddExample FailureT9000rmaxFAIL (1)

Instructions for editing the Table

  • If make test on rmax-ipv6-branch shows failures that are not present in the rmax-ipv6-merge tag, report FAIL, otherwise report OK.
  • If the branch used to be working, but breaks at some point, leave the OK entry there and add a FAIL entry below it.
  • If it used to fail before, but works now, update the existing line.
  • For FAIL entries, please add a section below the table and paste a representative sample of the output of failing tests.

Failing Tests

(1) Example failure

paste your test failures here

(2) HPUX 11.0

Needed getaddrinfo emulation

(3) AIX 5.1 (strict C89 compiler)

Needed patch to not have AI_ADDRCONFIG in ai_hints

(4) MacOS X 10.4

==== chan-16.9 chan command: pending input subcommand FAILED
==== Contents of test case:

    after idle chan-16.9-client
    vwait ::chan-16.9-done
    set ::chan-16.9-data

---- Test setup failed:
couldn't open socket: connection refused
---- errorInfo(setup): couldn't open socket: connection refused
    while executing
"socket [lindex [fconfigure $::server -sockname] 2]"
    ("uplevel" body line 33)
    invoked from within
"uplevel 1 $setup"
---- errorCode(setup): POSIX ECONNREFUSED {connection refused}

(5) HPUX 11.22

==== socket-2.9 socket conflict FAILED
==== Contents of test case:

    set s [socket -server accept 0]
    file delete $path(script)
    set f [open $path(script) w]
    puts -nonewline $f "socket -server accept [lindex [fconfigure $s -sockname] 2]"
    close $f
    set f [open "|[list [interpreter] $path(script)]" r]
    gets $f
    after 100
    close $f

---- Result was:
couldn't open socket: address family not supported by protocol family
    while executing
"socket -server accept 56789"
    (file "/home/andreask/workbench/IPv6/build/tcl-8.6-rmax-ipv6-branch/script" line 1)
---- Result should have been (glob matching):
couldn't open socket: address already in use*

Pulling the branch from CVS

Run the following two commands while in the directory into which you want to put the checkout.

cvs -d:pserver:[email protected]:/cvsroot/tcl login
cvs -z3 -d:pserver:[email protected]:/cvsroot/tcl co -P -r rmax-ipv6-branch tcl

Once you have checked it out, you can use cvs up from within the tcl directory to pull the latest version.
Use cvs up -r rmax-ipv6-merge and cvs up -r rmax-ipv6-branch to switch between the two tags for comparing test results.
Alternatively you can rename the tcl directory and do a second checkout with the other tag to have the two versions side by side.