rsync , by Andrew Tridgell and Paul Mackerras, efficiently synchronizes files.

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An Open Source Tcl/Tk application that provides a GUI layer on top of rsync.


CMcC: Rsync can be used to backup a frequently changing database, for example by:

   rsync rsync:// .

One would have to repeat the rsync until no changes were sent, though. Is there some return value from rsync that tells you how much work it had to do?

RLH Are there any other Tcl/Tk guis for rsync? KommandEr: How to do it with windows: Download all the files with the instructions and the full batch file:


 Ran the installer

 Then found the example batch file, modified it by adding one line at the end:
 rsync rsync:// .

 And then just ran the batch file
 I renamed it with a .txt extension as well so it's not run by mistake.