"Safe Tcl is a mechanism for executing untrusted Tcl scripts safely and for providing mediated access by such scripts to potentially dangerous functionality.

The Safe Base ensures that untrusted Tcl scripts cannot harm the hosting application. The Safe Base prevents integrity and privacy attacks. Untrusted Tcl scripts are prevented from corrupting the state of the hosting application or computer. Untrusted scripts are also prevented from disclosing information stored on the hosting computer or in the hosting application to any party.

The Safe Base allows a master interpreter to create safe, restricted interpreters that contain a set of predefined aliases for the source, load, file, encoding, and exit commands and are able to use the auto-loading and package mechanisms.

No knowledge of the file system structure is leaked to the safe interpreter, because it has access only to a virtualized path containing tokens. When the safe interpreter requests to source a file, it uses the token in the virtual path as part of the file name to source; the master interpreter transparently translates the token into a real directory name and executes the requested operation [...]. Different levels of security can be selected [...]."

Also see safe and Safe Interps for discussion.

See WebWiseTclTk

LV Is this related to the Levy/Rose Usenix paper