scripted document

The term Scripted Document is obsolete, as of July 2002 it is called a Starkit, the new homepage is .

Older notes, pruned but left here for reference...

Early July 2000, WHD wrote: 'But is "Scripted Document" the best name? See Scripted Documents Are Obscure.

CL chatters on scripted documents [L1 ].

Anyone have any good help on how to use scripted documents on MacOS (pre-X I guess... MacOS X should work the same way as other OSes with regards to launching apps, right?)

What LV has found is that if you start up a MacOS tclkit, then do a source of the scripted document, then you come close to getting things to work. The missing step is that currently at least, there is a missing environment variable which you need to set before sourcing the scripted document. That step is to do something like:

        set $::env(PATH) "."

Depending how you look at it, this isn't a problem on the Mac build of TclKit, but of starkits such as tkchat, which assume there is an environment in the first place. -jcw

See also sdx