Smartcards in a minute

ABU -- 24-apr-2012

SCard [L1 ] is a suite of packages for working with smartcards.

You can find a group of general-purpose packages able to work with all kind of smartcards and a group of "plugins", i.e. modules designed for specific smart-cards.

Within the first group you can find:

  • SCardLow - a very low-level interface to PCSC SmartCard library
  • SCard - a low-level interface to PCSC SmartCard library
  • SCR - an high-level object-oriented interface to SmartCard Readers

and finally

  • SCRM - a SmartCard-Readers Manager

The latter two packages allow you to deal with asynchrounous events such as cards insertion/removal and sc-readers plugged/unplugged

Within the "plugin" group actually you can find just a tcl-module for some (relatively) specialized operations on "Italian CNS" smartcards.

I hope you can reuse this samples for other new smartcard types.

Suggestion for improving/re-designing these "plugins" are welcomed.

  • Download sources [L2 ]
  • Read the detailed documentation in "doc" directory.
  • Run the demo scripts in the "demo" directory.

Multi-platform support

This suite is almost pure-tcl; thanks to Ffidl package (included in the distribution), you can dynamically link to the PCSC binaries already available on your system. You can run (and also modify sources) with no need to recompile "C" sources (in fact, there are no "C" sources).

Thanks to the included multi-platform Ffidl package, you can run this suite on

  • Windows (tested on XP, Seven)
  • Linux (tested on Debian)
  • MacOsX (tested on SnowLeopard)

Warning: on a 64-bit platform be sure to run tcsh/wish in 32-bit mode or ffidl won't work.