software keypress emulation

D. McC 2009/01/03: I've been trying to find the simplest way to make "Num Lock" come on automatically (on Puppy Linux 4.1.1, where it doesn't). I've already ascertained that installing a program such as "numlockx" is not the simplest way. All I really need to do, it seems, is to have the computer (1) determine whether Num Lock is already on, and (2) emulate a Num_Lock keypress if it isn't. Can somebody tell me if Tcl provides a way to make these actions as simple as they seem? If so, thanks in advance!

Scott Beasley 2009/01/03: This [L1 ] may get you going in a direction, not sure if it's the right one though. X will have to be up I suppose for a pure tcl'ish solution to work. Some C code may be in order.

D. McC Sorry, but I didn't see anything in that page that would help me determine whether Num Lock is on or emulate a Num_Lock keypress. I tried some options with event generate, but they didn't work either.

Scott Beasley Yeah, event generate would be your only choice, but X would have to be up at the point of running it even if it worked. I would hackup the numlockx code to make a simple command line interface and call it at init time in the boot or just before you run X.