What: stext

 Description: extended Tk text widget with features suitable for
        source code displaying and editing. Features include line
        numbers, syntax highlighting, code folding, and line markers.
        Currently at version 0.1 .
 Updated: 01/2007
 Contact: Tim Baker ???

The project was renamed TkTextPlus and moved to SourceForge - TNB Feb-13-2007

tjk - The web site doesn't contain contact info but I was told that Tim Baker wrote stext.

See also text.

MSH 10 january 07 This looks interesting, but is it possible to make the .dll/.so available so we can try it out not everyone has access to a compiler.

LV the original site at listed limitations of Tk 8.5's text widget that limited stext . Anyone know if these were ever submitted as bug reports?

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